The Term 'TVT' What it Means to our Support Group

Dated 18th June 2011

the term tvt for our support group

Please scroll down the webpage to view variants on the term 'TVT' sent in by our support group members. Every single one gets my vote!

TVT Mum = The Very Truth - Messed up Mesh
Sent in by Lorraine
Voted by Sandra: I also think your suggestion is ace!!! The very Truth (This is what matters most and of course what you are striving for)

TVT = Transform Voiding Tapes
TVT = Transparency for Voiding Tapes
TVT = Tackling Vigilance in Tapes
TVT = Truth versus Taboo
TVT = The Voiding Truth
Sent in by Liz

TVT Mum = The Value of Truth - Messed Up Mesh
Sent in by Sandra and Jill
Voted by Ann

TVT = Torturous Vaginal Tape
Sling(s) of Pain - (Instead of King of Pain/Sting)
Shrinking Vaginal Tape - when your body outgrows the Tape (I now know what a seal with plastic soda rings around its neck really feels like)
2Tight for Tissues
DebiliTVTting tape - Sent in by Leigh

TVT = Taboo V Tape
TVT = Travesty V Tape
TVT = Tape Victim Tocsin
TVT = Tape Vociferous Tale
TVT = Talk Veiwpoint Tape
TVT = Truth Versus Taboo gets my vote.
Sent in by Olive

M. U. M's = (Meshed up Mums) which is what we are.
Sent in By Rosemary

TVT = The Valued Truth
Sent in by Jill

TVT = Trauma Versus Triumph
Sent in by Terry

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