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United Kingdom Continence Society

21 April 2011

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United Kingdom Continence Society
18th Annual Scientific Meeting
Bristol, UK
6th - 8th April 2011
Website: www.ukcsconferences.com/

The following comments are aimed at the people who attended this conference. The number points outlined below are showing within the UKCS website.

1. UKCS - Getting Results from Multi-Disciplinary Teams
It is good to see incontinence, effects on sufferers, and different ways of treating it other than using slings which are all positive.

We fully support Multi-Disciplinary Teams to give us reliable and trusted people to ensure the right treatment is given to patients however, How can we have confidence and our trust grow in you when we see the very people in attendance who are doing these surgeries on us are still promoting the use of mesh tapes.

2. UCKS - 10 minute slot on mesh complications
How can we ever trust you when you haven't given us a decent amount of time to represent the thousands of people who are living in daily pain! is this the best you can do for us? A 10 minute talk is definitely not good enough.

3. UKCS - The Sponsors
How UKCS has the audacity to give thanks and praise showing on their website to the very manufacturers who have put our lives at risk, who haven't provided any long term RCT's, experimented on us without consent, plus we face an unknown future on our health and has affected our quality of life, we find it very insulting and very insensitive considering all of us are at home in a lot of discomfort and maimed for life, there are many people facing devastating consequences to the extent we had to face drastic change.

This abstract as below was recently sent to us from a reliable and trusted medical expert:-

Start: The marketing of these products by some companies has been little short of scandalous as they know full well that there is a serious lack of long term studies and also quite a lot of evidence that such products are likely to cause serious problems in a significant number of patients. End

To receive gifts from the manufacturers is on your conscious I can see the sweat of deceit and lies given to you and will eventually turn your stomachs to gut wrenching fear. Unfortunately you have been bought by the manufacturers to promote and use their products I am specifically talking about the medical devices using Mesh knowingly the mesh will harm us. Totally unethical and may we remind you Medical Marketing has over-taken Medical Science.

The difference with our stomachs turning is through sickness and through hearing shocking news. Our conscious is clear we know the truth and have no fear. Our lives have been changed through your deceit and you have given us irreversible damage to our health this was not a natural health occurrence it has been destroyed by you experimenting on us without consent.

4. UCKS - Meeting paid for by the NHS
This 2 day meeting at UCKS cost the NHS tens of thousands of pounds, how come these medical professionals can get this paid for them? Please consider there are people out there trying to get treatment on mesh complications on the NHS and have to resort to paying thousands of pounds out of their own pocket for private treatment. Why? Because there are very few experts within the NHS to deal with mesh related complications. We have showing on our website a man who has taken out a loan of £5750.00 to pay for private treatment because there is no expert to help him on the NHS.

Please view here Men with Mesh Related Complications and unexplained Symptoms >>> I have to add here too there are many other people who have had to fork out for private treatment too! because the NHS does not recognise us especially A&E, the public and even most nurses do not know what a TVT sling is, we have been classed as 'complex cases' and not enough experts within the NHS. We did not ask for any of this in our lives and we were not told about mesh at our consultations, we have been deceived and it is costing us dearly both in health and financially.

Something to think about

You know life is very valuable and anyone with a good heart knows this, you as a surgeon should know this too however, I fear people who promote the use of mesh and the people who make such a despicable product do not know the value of life at all. To put money, greed and profit before life is destruction, is this really what you want? It's high time for people to show more empathy, turn away from destructive ways and stop lying! It is not difficult to tell the truth if you a loving and caring human being.

Come on guys - HELLO WE ARE HERE!! we have nearly 200 people approach us for help and advice at our support group and I know there are many thousands sat at home alone because you tell them they are rare or the only one, stop the charade of lies. One day all your efforts to hush this up and pulling ranks will be exposed to everyone, so be prepared as that day is arriving fast.

Innovation, Medical Science and Research comes first. I am just trying to open the eyes of the Medical World to see it is their duty and first priority to tell the truth and have patient care come first and not to give these manufacturers the opportunity to blind you all with gifts and entertaining to promote their products.

People who allow themselves to become 'drunk' with power will make your very soul act foolishly. Make sure your inner spirit remains pure and clean. Keep alert to the reality there are people out there who will snare you if you allow it. Don't be a fool and wake up.

Since the 1990's you have been experimenting on us if you don't give us the time of day we so rightly deserve you will have to very soon.

deep pink rose By Lorraine Evans
Founder of TVT Mum

18 April 2011
Another comment on the UCKS meeting received from a
fellow sufferer of mesh tapes

I came across the UCKS 2011 (United Kingdom Continence Society) 18th Annual Scientific Meeting held in Bristol; 6th-8th of April with speakers Paul Abrams, Marcus Drake and Julian Shah to mention but a few. I wondered if they dared discussed all the related problems!!

Furthermore this has just made me feel physically sick I have just seen the list of sponsors of the UKCS Conference Ethicon, Bard etc etc etc to name only a few. My God they are all so bloody corrupt its criminal they are being wined and dined by the very manufacturers who have produced the devices that have maimed us and they think that is ok. ON THE WALL OF SHAME and I don't care how allegedly good these surgeons are they are all obviously easily bought.

I can't believe it but yes I can really.

deep pink rose Received from a fellow sufferer of mesh tapes
Submitted for publication and permission granted

21 April 2011
Another comment on the UCKS meeting received from a
fellow sufferer of mesh tapes

This conference provided specialists with the opportunity to develop their knowledge of urinary difficulties and potential solutions. Whilst the conference did indeed include a session on mesh complications, and there were a range of workshops and presentations to cover different solutions to SUI, it is sickening to imagine what its sponsors, Ethicon, 'sold' to delegates in the way of smooth marketing-speak and 'quick fix' solutions to SUI. Remember the Dalkon Shield: we can only hope that one day the medics will put TVTs in the same dustbin as that poorly researched, successfully marketed and highly lucrative 'solution' to a common issue.

Presumably at the conference the issue of treatment cost effectiveness is one that came up in presentations and discussions. I wonder if the cost of tape removal was discussed, and whether this was addressed? I doubt that the cost to those whose lives are so badly affected is ever considered - people who have had to change their lifestyle, and have even lost their job because they have so much pain. Recent studies on TVTs show low success rates and caution is advised in using mesh. Were these discussed at the conference?

I would hope that the evidence that is now coming to light about TVTs and other mesh products regarding erosion, lower 'success' rates than initially published without RCTs, constant pain sometimes years after the device has been fitted, and even death, will ensure that surgeons stop and think: mesh does not provide the ideal solutions and whilst in the short term it might help SUI, there is a growing body of evidence that long term problems can show up to 10 years after insertion. Mesh causes damage and permanent problems as the body tries to reject it. It shrinks and causes pain. The US FDA has provided warnings about its use but here in the UK it is still promoted. One has to ask why.

deep pink rose Received from a fellow sufferer of mesh tapes
Submitted for publication and permission granted

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