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Help and support to both men and woman who have had the medical device TVT Retropubic, TVT-Secur, TVTO and TOT, synthetic polypropylene mesh for hernias, prolapse, stress incontinence and bladder and bowel disorders. You're not alone!

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Feedback and Comments

Updated: 4th February 2012

We are working to bring awareness to everyone regarding the TVT (transvaginal Tension Free Tape) and TVTO (Tension Free Vaginal Tape Obturator) and TOT (Trans Obturator Tape) medical device's although there are many other designs on the market! and any other medical device using surgical polypropylene synthetic mesh.

This is SOME of the feedback and comments we have received from all around the World. All feedback has the name and contact address submitted to TVT Mum.

February 2012
I applaud you for your guiding spirit to help the thousands of us who are living with real issues that the docs and medical world are unwilling to recognize.
deep pink roseTVT Mum Supporter USA - name and address has been submitted

February 2012
"thankyou! I found a lot of the information on the messed-up mesh site invaluable in helping me formulate some good questions to ask. I went along to the appointment and the doctor was surprised but seemed to be frank and honest. I mentioned the most recent order from the FDA and asked which tape they would be using - he replied that it would be J&J. He offered the a Burch procedure as an alternative but warned that it could make the urge problem worse... so, after going over it all with my mum, she has decided to leave it a few more years and see how it goes.. it's a big relief for me as i cant bear the idea of her going from a life of inconvenience to a life of possible pain and discomfort. Thankyou so much for making that information accessible so that people can make informed choices no matter what they decide. :)"
deep pink roseTVT Mum Supporter UK - name and address has been submitted

February 2012
You have done and are doing a fantastic Job creating this site, especially being so unwell I would like to send you strength, the Bay leaf represents strength & Borage courage! because you are a very courageous lady & I for one hold you in high esteem.
deep pink roseTVT Mum Supporter UK - name and address has been submitted

January 2012
You know who is doing an even better job than me is Lorraine Evans in the UK with her TVT MUM website. She started the site about 5 years ago. She has done tremendous research to help others in their mesh journeys, helping patients to find medical help and providing a forum for injured patients.

She was instrumental in helping me to start Truth in Medicine with her guidance as a webmaster and her insights into mesh from her extensive research.

Lorraine Evans is an amazing woman. I respect and admire Lorraine for her integrity and her dedication to helping mesh injured patients.

You should be sure to sign the petition on her site and support her dedication and perseverance in helping others. She is the leading support organization in the UK and around the world.

I am delighted to have the continuing affiliation of TVT MUM with Truth in Medicine. It has been, and will continue to be, an excellent collaboration.
deep pink roseLana Keeton USA - name and address has been submitted

January 2012
Dear Lorraine, I have just been reading your thoughts on the website - what a brave and wonderful lady you are! I am due to have a tvt operation at the end of January and after reading yours and other sites I will not be having it done. Thank you x
deep pink roseTVT Mum supporter UK - name and address has been submitted

December 2011
I have cancelled my operation for the tvt After reading all the stuff on the Internet,, but am now about to see a. Consultant again to talk about things. My problem is really minor and do not want to end up like these poor women. I was also told there was no problems with this op and given no warnings, only that I may have to catheterise After op for a few days! is there anything safe out there?
deep pink roseTVT Mum supporter UK - name and address has been submitted

October 2011
I have printed the petition and handed it out to friends, family and loved ones. I will return it as soon as I have seen everyone. Also yesterday I sent my form off to Rosenblatts!!!! Power to The Meshies!!! I am not very good with the Computer, but you have made everything SO simple!! Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!!!! This is sent with so much Admiration for ALL the work you have done especially when you must have gone through all of this yourself. Take Care Love and Appreciation
deep pink roseTVT Mum supporter UK - name and address has been submitted

July 2011 After 10 months of pain I have contacted a recommended surgeon and am now going down the diagnostic path. If I had been told that these complications existed I would not definately not have had the tvt operation.
deep pink roseTVT Mum supporter UK - name and address has been submitted

20th July 2011
Pelvic Collapse surgery with mesh scheduled/Saved by FDA report 2 days before surgery
Just wanted to let you know that I was scheduled for a pelvic reconstruction surgery on July 18, 2011. Two days before the surgery I was doing research on my surgery involving the mesh. To my suprise the FDA warning came up. My doctor never warned me about possible complication using this mesh. Just complications regarding the surgery. As you can imagine, I was livid! Especially after talking to my doctor about why he seem to think I needed this operation when I repeated to him that I was not bothered by any symptoms with this condition. He seem like he wanted to do it so he could get one more achievement under his belt. Boasted about how many he had done already. Just wanted to Thank You for all your work on this condition, for if not I might have not been saved from all the complications involved with this surgery. Your an angel.
deep pink roseTVT Mum supporter USA - name and address has been submitted

20th June 2011 I would like to thank you all for this website! I was sooo fedup with having incontinence, that I deciced to have, what was recommended by a urologist, namely TVT. He did not explain is to me too well, so I decided to look on the net, what it really is all about. I must say it sounded horrible, but I thought this is the only thing that will work. Then I saw your site, that really opened my eyes. So I thought I would be better off as I am, rather than taking a chance and end up like some of you, my God, that is all I need! I am going to try pessaries and/or tablets instead. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!
deep pink roseTVT Mum supporter South Africa - name and address has been submitted

18th June 2011
I so wish I had found your website in april before having this procedure without knowing anything about it I was only given a leaflet about it 2 weeks later when i went bak to complain all was not well . I am mentally exhausted and not like myself at all just because of mesh erosion 2 weeks after insertion this operation is a torture do not do it at any costs because it will ruin your life !!!
deep pink roseTVT Mum Member UK - name and address has been submitted

22 May 2011
Please pass on heartfelt thanks from a mesh sufferer to the medical adviser for all he has done and is doing to raise awareness of the harm done by mesh. His expertise and involvement in the medical world ensure that we have the credibility, knowledge and backing to be heard in the medical community, many members of which refuse to listen to the stories of women and men harmed by mesh. His support means a great deal.
deep pink roseTVT Mum Member UK - name and address has been submitted

22 May 2011
Thank you, Lorraine, for your continued remarkable professional and determined drive to justice.
deep pink roseTVT Mum Member UK - name and address has been submitted

22 May 2011
Godbless you Lorraine. The day I found TVTMUM i found a true friend and the selfless individual that you are.
deep pink roseTVT Mum Member UK - name and address has been submitted

14 May 2011
Lorraine please understand that I would have been in a terrible mess if I had not found your website. I would probably have let an inexperienced surgeon take my tape out with disasterous consequences. I will always be eternally gratefull to you more than you could ever know. I am enclosing a cheque as a donation towards the cost of running your brilliant website. I can't tell you how much this website has helped me over the past few months and I am so grateful for the support I have received from you and the members. Thank you so much for everything.
deep pink roseTVT Mum Member UK - name and address has been submitted

11 May 2011
Hello Lorraine, I'm just checking to see if you are all right and wondering how you are feeling since your very brave surgery. I also wanted to thank you for all the hard work you are putting into the website. You are truly an amazing woman and it is an honour to be associated with you. Much love and keep on with your amazing work.
deep pink roseTVT Mum Member UK - name and address has been submitted

11 May 2011
Once again thank you for all the information on the website it really provided very practical and emotional support. It has only been a week since I had the tvto removed but I feel totally different. I only wish I had found your site a year ago. thanks again Lorraine,
deep pink roseTVT Mum Member UK - name and address has been submitted

1 May 2011
Thank you Lorraine, you are a true star working so hard to support us all. What a lonely, frightening place I would be in right now if it wasn't for the support of TVTmum. I now have about 40 signatures on paper and will carry on collecting.

It's so fantastic that you have found an expert to help and that real progress is being made towards highlighting the dangers of this 'horrible plastic' as I call it. One day we will get our stories out there!
deep pink roseTVT Mum Member UK - name and address has been submitted

14 April 2011
I realise that Lana raised the profile of TVT issues in the US, but you have done it for us in the UK and that makes a big difference since the UK is not the same.
deep pink roseTVT Mum Member UK - name and address has been submitted

9 April 2011
I am due to have TOT operation for stress incontinence on 12 April. I was not happy with the lack of explanation at my appointment with the registrar. I was meant to see the consultant having seen the registrar twice and she seemed very unsure about everything. I ended up seeing her again. I spent couple of hours researching the op yesterday and came across your website. I don't think I will go ahead with it now.
My operation date was postponed to May and I changed it to June and I have an appointment to see the consultant before. It has given me more thinking time although I am unlikely to go ahead with it after my research. I contacted my gynecologist's secretary who sent me a booklet about TOT procedure. The sling used would be Aris. I looked it up and it is made by Mentor, the same company that made OBtape which has now been taken off the market.
deep pink roseName and address has been submitted

Our Comment - This lady has been saved from harm, there are many alternative treatments for stress incontinence, you do not have to have these Mesh Tapes! I have heard on good authority there are approx 30 different designs currently on the market. Don't confuse Medical Marketing with Medical Science as quoted by Dr Ostergard.

5 February 2011
A BIG THANKYOU TO YOU without you we would be in the dark,NO aftercare at all,NO TRUTH at all. Then you are made to feel that its your own fault ,"oh" and your an "isolated" case this does not normally happen they say, then you start to feel that your a nuisance..Its mind destroying along with the physical...I am so glad your out there doing what you do you have so helped me with information that no one else gives,TRUTH,big hug,xx
deep pink roseTVT Mum Member UK - name and address has been submitted

24 January 2011
Lorraine I have just read your latest news article with tears in my eyes. I am so proud of you and everything that you are doing. It is an amazing article and I really hope it gets recognition.xxx
deep pink roseTVT Mum Member UK - name and address has been submitted

24 January 2010 I'll second that and like Jen I really hope it gets the attention of the 'right' people. Your work is SO valuable, I'm very grateful for the support of this group and the advice you give.x
deep pink roseTVT Mum Member UK - name and address has been submitted

24 January 2011
I had the TVT implant on Aug of 2009, I've been in severe pain since the surgery but the surgeon does not believe the mesh is the cause of my health issues. I also have hernia mesh that was implanted on May of 2005, I also have complications from that mesh as well. I was tired of suffering and since none of my doctors will believe me. I am finally glad to find some answers from a site like this one. Thank you.
deep pink roseTVT Mum Supporter USA - name and address has been submitted

1 November 2010
I am writing to say a BIG, BIG THANK you for your website! I consider myself so lucky to discover existence of such an excellent source of information - just at the moment when I was arranging a date for my TVT operation. At that point I thought I ought to get some more information about the procedure apart from what I was mentionded during a brief consultation with an urologist. I was hoping to find also information on experiences of those who already had gone through such a procedure and get any tips on speeding my recovery. I also wanted to get a better idea of e.g. length of recovery time, so I could plan my recuperation and make any contingency plans for my work and family life. I sat reading alomost all of your website and all the links included till early hours of the morning, discovering facts I should had known before taking such an important decission, finding out about procedure itself and what it exactly involves. (What my urologist mentioned was so vague!) I thought I had tried everything when I resigned myself to a surgical intervention. Through your website I came accross other methods I haven't heard of and being much less invasive. You are very very brave woman to speak openly about such a taboo subject. I hope through your website you will be able to reach and help many, many more women like me. Unfortunately because it is a taboo subject a word of mouth method does not exist. I myself am guilty of that, and would talk about any other touchy subject apart of that one. You really are so brave and please do keep doing your good work. I wish you every success in concvincing established bodies of importance of providing such a well balanced, indpendent advice service like yours. What I liked about your website was exactly that - very well balanced and full of practical information and sound advice. Good luck and THANK YOU once more.
deep pink roseTVT Mum Supporter UK - name and address has been submitted

6 September 2010
I admire you and thank you from the bottom of my heart that you have done all of this for us ladies, even when I know you have been so unwell yourself!!!
You lead us all with a lantern of light , never let anyone extinguish your determination and sense of justice. I am behind you all the way!!!!!!
deep pink rose Hayley - UK - TVT Mum Member, Mesh Sufferer and Volunteer

5 September 2010
I too am full of admiration for what you and lana have done.Yes it does make you wonder if these surgeons would put it in their wives! I for one think not ! I just want my life back.
deep pink rose Jennifer - UK - Mesh Sufferer and TVT Mum Member

3 September 2010
I have seen my wife suffer for the last 5 years and she work's diligently to bring awareness on the mesh complications associated with these medical devices. I want to see the surgeons stop using it, it is barbaric as they know what they are doing and getting away with it and the ones trying to correct it are making it even worse. This is going back to the Victorian days. In my opinion I feel it is a police matter. I have also noticed they are still advertising it on website's how good it is when in fact it is severely harming people. I have alot more to say on the subject but this give's my small insight. I love my wife very much and I will support her through this nightmare she is facing.
blue rose Brian - UK - Wife has been harmed by the TVT Medical Device and a TVT Mum Supporter

3 September 2010
The numbers of sufferers from this TVTG mesh insertion has been rising in the UK over the years and is still rising. Plese help to stop this NOW visit the UK forums as well as the USA and also give them them the help they need. Also beware that TVT is now also known as TVM transvaginal mesh, and the term surgical tape is also being used to describe the mesh which is a petroleum based material
deep pink rose Pam UK - Mother to a daughter harmed by the TVT Medical Device and a TVT Mum Supporter

1 September 2010
Lorraine Thanks for all you are doing
deep pink rose Hilary - UK - Mesh Sufferer and TVT Mum Member

1 September 2010
Thank you Lorraine! It already has 34 views. Amazing. Great work. Thanks for lightening my load!!
deep pink rose Lana - USA Mesh Sufferer

31 August 2010
I came across your website after reading a forum. Until I read the forum this morning I was beginning to think that the symtoms were 'all in my head'. However after reading the comments left by others I realise I am not alone.
deep pink rose Jackie - Australia - Mesh Sufferer

28 August 2010
Great Newsletter, it feels like there is a lot of positive things happening and I think we all need that to keep us going!!!!!!!!
deep pink rose Hayley - UK - Mesh Sufferer and TVT Mum Member

28 August 2010
You are doing a great job for everyone and I so admire your strength.
deep pink rose Gill - UK - Mesh Sufferer and TVT Mum Member

28 August 2010
i really do not think they realise how much pain and distress we are all in. why can,t they get us help sooner?? also would they let thier partner have the mesh inserted we will never know.
deep pink rose Tracey - UK - Mesh Sufferer and TVT Mum Member

27 August 2010
My aim is not to renew a crusade but to understand well the size of the problem. I defined it an iceberg problem, because surgeons discuss only on what has been published on medical journals. So that may be only one tenth of the problem is emerged. Or even less! I think that we could work together, to better the understanding of this problem that sometimes is a real nightmare.
blue rose Medical Professional - Italy - Full Respect for understanding our plight at TVT Mum - name and address has been submitted

26 August 2010
We also want to ensure these devices are safe and can be used safely. For this reason we intend to hold a meeting with manufacturers and professional bodies to discuss issues with these devices.
blue rose MHRA – Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency - UK - Full Respect for understanding our plight at TVT Mum - name and address has been submitted

18 August 2010
you have made great progress with your work and charity and congratulations.
deep pink roseAline - UK - TVT Mum Supporter - name and address has been submitted

19 August 2010
Lorraine has serious health issues following her surgery using mesh, and I must applaud her on her efforts. I know how hard it is running an organisation with a young family when you have your own health problems and I think Lorraine deserves us all behind her giving helping her to raise invaluable awareness.
deep pink rose Jenny - UK - TVT Mum Supporter

13 August 2010
It takes very special people to make a difference to suffering in this life, bless you for giving your heart, effort and strength for the benefit of others, there will be many you will have saved but may others you many never know of.
deep pink rose Wendy - UK - TVT Mum Supporter

10 August 2010
Thank you again for the support, it's a wonderful thing you are doing to help others despite your own problems.
deep pink rose Jill - UK - Mesh Sufferer and TVT Mum Member

25 July 2010
There was far too much pressure from the Manufacturer and from Gynaecologists for whom the TVT procedure can be very profitable in private practice. The chickens are now coming home to roost as there appear to be a high number of long-term complications such as worse incontinence, pain at the site and pain on interocurse, and mesh erosion.
blue rose Medical Professional - UK - Full Respect for understanding our plight at TVT Mum - name and address has been submitted

23 July 2010
You will be rewarded for your hard work to get the necessary authorities aware of this type of operation and its side effects.
deep pink rose Maribel - UK - Mesh Sufferer and TVT Mum Member

15 July 2010
I'm happy to volunteer my help in anyway you think fit. I have 30 years of Admin/Sales/Customer support experience, so can help with any typing up of forms, letters, spreadsheets etc and I'm happy to help with any research.
deep pink rose Deb - Uk - Mesh Sufferer and TVT Mum Member

18 May 2010
Thanks so much for the support and your lovely well wishes, they are much appreciated! :)
deep pink rose Sinead - Ireland - Mesh Sufferer and TVT Mum Member

15 May 2010
Thank you for this site. I wish that all women who are considering this surgery would find this site and learn how the side effects destroy one\'s life.
deep pink rose Jane - Canada - Mesh Sufferer

11 May 2010
I would like to thank the TVT MUM site for helping me, i could of took my gyne\'s word for it and ruined my life. I had the repairs and hystrectomy with NO mesh at all and lifes great!! Thankyou all so much for the advice.
deep pink rose Dawn UK - Saved from Mesh Surgery

Thank you

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