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Statistics and Under-reporting

Updated 10 February 2011

statistics and under-reporting

There is serious under-reporting about the side effects and complications of these medical devices. Let us show you our perspective on these over-marketed and over-rated medical devices.

Thousands of people harmed, how do we know?


1. Product: Gynecare TVT Retropubic (Gold Standard) Medical Device
Manufacturer: Ethicon
Worldwide Surgical Procedure: 1,000,000.00 people
Success Rate: 97%
Unsuccessful Rate: 3% - 30,000 people harmed!

Abstract from Ethicon website:

Safe – It is the ONLY treatment of its type with demonstrated long-term clinical results. Worldwide, more than 1 million women have been treated with GYNECARE TVT™ that is 10 times the number of women who have been treated with the next treatment of its type.

Ethicon Brochure www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/pdfs/tvt-product-brochure.pdf

Ethicon Website:
Ethicon Womans Health and Urology http://ewhu.co.uk/products/gynecare-tvt/tech-det

It is known and fact there is a serious under-reporting from the surgeons who use this medical device, these statistics are not the true figures. I have heard it is more like 60% successful which gives 40% this is 400,000 people harmed!

Above figures is on 'one' medical device so what about all the other medical devices? Below are more percentages, thousands more harmed!

2. Product: TVT-O cure rate was 83%
3. Product: TVT-Secur cure rate was 67%
4. Product: TVT Mini-arc cure rate 87%
Improvement was found in 10%, 13%, and 7% of the patients, respectively
Failures were 7% after TVT-O and Mini-Arc and 20% after TVT-Secur.

TVT-O and Mini-Arc improved at least 15 points in 80% of the patients in six KHQ domains, whereas TVT-Secur could only achieve improvement in three of the nine domains. The pain score was lower in the Mini-Arc group. Complications were more numerous after TVT-O. This study has the limitations inherent in a phase 2 trial with a follow-up limited to 12 months.

How many surgical procedures are performed Worldwide?

No one really knows, due to confliction of interests, unreliable statistics and percentages, lack of adverse reporting, no long-term RCT's, no funding for research and the manufacturers over-marketing these products the true figures are unknown.

In fact there is complete and utter confusion within the medical world regarding these medical devices! This is why I do my own extensive research and why everyone I am in contact with requests an urgent recall to remove these products off the market to have a full investigation.

I have heard through the grapevine there has been over (2 Million) 2,000,000.00 people who have had these medical devices, so the question is what is the overall fail rate? it is running into hundreds of thousands people who are seriously harmed!

Nothing in the media, why? ask the governing bodies MHRA and NICE on that question, it is so obvious to us why they want this so hushed up.

Source: eau European Association of Urology
Exploratory Study Assessing Efficacy and Complications of TVT-O, TVT-Secur, and Mini-Arc: Results at 12-Month Follow-Up
Dated 21 January 2011
Source: www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/pdfs/eau-article.pdf

Article in the British Medical Journal
Dated for the year 2006 it is in the public domain. There has been 10 deaths recorded after this year date it is unknown to the public how many more have died. Please read this PDF from the BMJ page 16 BMJ (British Medical Journal) - harms-with-medical-devices-2007 >>>

To read more articles please visit here >>>www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/research.html

Food and Drugs Administration (FDA)
FDA report Serious Complications with Surgical Mesh for Gynecologic Surgery
(Figures have substantially increased since this video was produced)


Bard Avaulta Mesh Lawyers Appointed to Leadership Roles in MDL
Published: February 3rd, 2011
Source: www.aboutlawsuits.com/bard-avaulta-mesh-lawyers-appointed-15999/

View more Lawsuits on this link >>>www.aboutlawsuits.com/topics/surgical-mesh/

Blunder surgeon in £10m lawsuit; patients take him to court. (this figure has substantially increased since the article was published 22 March 2010) www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1259229/Dozens-women-claim-10m-surgeon-George-Rowland-botched-bladder-operations.html >>>

More lawsuits are ongoing I will update shortly, thank you for your patience.


I have heard today 14 April 2011 by a trusted and reliable source there are approx 30 different medical devices on the market!
True Analogy on TVT Retropubic (Gold Standard), TVTO, TVT-SECUR and TOT Medical Devices plus Research in progress on the following medical devices

IVS Tunneler
Obturator IVS

Source: www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/tvt-tvto-tot-medical-devices.html

To keep this website going has involved a tremendous amount of work and it still is a work in progress, please understand my health only allows me to do a bit each day.

This is just a small fraction from our own research, there is so much evidence about these medical devices to back up our findings to show you they are completely unsafe products to use.

Talk about casting pearls, trust me I have had to chuck a few to try and wake people up to see what is going on with these medical devices

What is the governing bodies Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) doing about it? Try asking them yourself and see what response you get, in our own experience with communications with the governing bodies they are doing absolutely nothing about it.

I will upload more soon, advisable to bookmark this webpage. Thank you for your patience.

You will see and hear from people who decided not to go ahead with surgery after reading our website. They have been saved from harm!

For more information on our petition please visit here www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/petitions.html >>>

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