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Help and support to both men and woman who have had the medical device TVT Retropubic, TVT-Secur, TVTO and TOT, synthetic polypropylene mesh for hernias, prolapse, stress incontinence and bladder and bowel disorders. You're not alone!

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Year: 2015 - 2018
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Updated 24 August 2018

Date: 24 August 2018

Website: Truth in Medicine USA
By: Lana Keeton

Meeting with US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Please visit the link below for all information:
www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/truth-in-medicine.html > > >

Date: 11 August 2018

Website is secure
TVT Mum website is currently in transition from HTTP to HTTPS, new website address: https://www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/

The Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review
In February 2018, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, announced a review into how the health system responds to reports from patients about harmful side effects from medicines and medical devices.
Review team visits around the UK, if you can't make it to visit the review team please email your mesh surgery experience and any other relevant details for them to have for their review.
Website: http://immdsreview.org.uk/visits.html
Progress: http://immdsreview.org.uk/news.html
Email: Reviewteam@kcl.ac.uk

Official TVT Mum Online Petition
The online petition is live and active and will remain until we are all completely satisfied the necessary action has been taken for everyone, the petition is extended and updated annually with any important news arriving in. The petition is in the public domain with numerous signatories and some have shared their mesh surgery experience, all signatures are genuine. If you haven't signed please show you care and sign the petition today, thank you for your support to the cause.
Petition Link: https://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/an-urgent-review-is-required-on-the-medical-devices-tvt-tvto-tot-and-the-use-of-mesh-graft-for/

Date: 25 July 2017
Please scroll down the page to read the latest important news
The NHS England Report by the Mesh Oversight Group
Published 25 July 2017

Advisable to read this link first www.england.nhs.uk/ourwork/qual-clin-lead/mesh/ > > >
Please scroll down the page to read the lastest important news from the NHS and some pointers within the The NHS England Report by the Mesh Oversight Group.

NHS England mesh oversight group

NHS England Report published 25 July 2017 Foreward by Professor Keith Willett - It is right and proper for those who deliver, lead and regulate health care to listen to patients' concerns and work with all parties to resolve them. A programme of work was initiated in response to concerns from women who developed complications following surgery using vaginal mesh devices to treat stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP These women felt their concerns had been ignored. I recognised there were issues to be addressed.

I previously chaired the Mesh Working Group which explored the issues with patients and made recommendations to the system in its interim report. I also chaired the Mesh Oversight Group to oversee implementation of those recommendations by the responsible bodies, as described in this final report. To read more from Professor Willet and the the full report please visit the link below:
www.england.nhs.uk/publication/mesh-oversight-group-report/ > > >

The British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS)
Available Centres and Contacts for Review of Mesh Complications - A number of Trusts have agreed to see women with significant mesh problems after Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) and Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) surgery.
NHS England multidisciplinary teams in the UK
To read more and to view the list of Multidisciplinary teams in and around the UK please visit the link below:
www.baus.org.uk/patients/sui_mesh_complications.aspx > > >

British Society of Urogynaecology (BSUG)
Information for Patients including NHS Leaflets plus the Named Units being able to see and treat women with mesh related problems - The following units (the website mentions you can downlod the PDF here) have agreed that they are happy to see women who have significant mesh problems following incontinence or prolapse surgery where mesh was inserted.
Support for women with post-operative problems
The PDF document from BSUG includes Hospital unit address, clinical lead and members of the Mutidisciplinary (MDT) team in and around the UK.
To read more please visit the link below:
http://bsug.org.uk/pages/information-for-patients/111 > > >

Mesh resource for General Practitioners (GPs) Page 47 within the report
mesh resource for general practitionors
To view the full report including resource for GPs please visit the link below:
Information for Health Professionals on Mesh Implants
Document first published:25 July 2017
www.england.nhs.uk/publication/information-for-health-professionals-on-mesh-implants/ > > >

MHRA Reporting Adverse Incidents
Patients mesh related complications - Raising patient's awareness of self-reporting adverse incidents to MHRA
MHRA reporting adverse incidents by the Yellow card system
Please report mesh complications adverse incidents on the MHRA website: https://yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk/ > > >

More News to reach us at a later date
The NHS England Mesh Oversight Group work is not finished - There's more News arriving at a later date:
1. National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) as mentioned in the report - The future - The combined SUI and POP guideline is planned for publication in 2019. NICE guidelines are reviewed on a regular basis, at intervals that are influenced by the publication of new evidence and the capacity of the guidelines programme.

2. Developing a Registry - The future - The registries subgroup will continue to meet to consider the best way to capture accurate data on the use of mesh and mesh complications. The sub group will report on its findings and make recommendations by November 2017, the original date for publication of this Oversight Groups final report.

3. Medicines Health and Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Improving rates of reporting - future - The effects of this drive on reporting should be seen as MHRA data is released on reporting rates. MHRA will continue to evaluate ways to raise awareness of the yellow card system. Reporting will become common practice as an essential component of self-declared mesh complication treatment centres and eventually specialist commissioning arrangements.

4. Multidisciplinary Teams in and around the UK - The NHS England work continues in other areas of concern as discussed on 25 July 2017 and is under consideration.

Date: 3 December 2016
Update from the NHS England Mesh Working Group
Sharing with all, as soon as I have more information I'll update soonest. Lorraine
Email received from the NHS England Mesh Working Group dated 25 November 2016, the email was signed: High quality care for all, now and for future generations
Content of the email:
The last Mesh Oversight Meeting took place in October and I anticipate that the minutes will be sent to you in the next week. Thank you very much to those of you who took the time to send your feedback for standing members. MHRA (Medicines, Healthcare and Regulatory Agency) have asked if we could share the contact details of associate members with them because they would like to send information regarding mesh that you may wish to disseminate to members of your organisations.

Date: 22 October 2016
Update on the Message Board, Campaign and Support Work, and the Petition
The TVT Mum Website - The website will always 'remain' live online to show 'everyone' this was the start of it all in the UK including work achieved throughout the years with extensive research, the campaign work with worldwide high profile professionals, giving support, help and advice to the mesh-injured plus networking worldwide support groups.

The Message Board - The message board is closed for numerous reasons there's far too many to mention - The most important reason is the NHS England prefer everyone to find support, help and advice by visiting and contacting the Bladder and Bowel Foundation you can find their website online and plus you can contact the NHS Choices website.

Campaign and Support Work - All the campaign and support work we have done concerning Synthetic TVT's/Mesh medical devices over the past seven years has concluded - All areas of concern is in the hands of - the National Health Service (NHS) England, British Medical Journal (BMJ), National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the Solicitors in the UK, Professional Medical Experts in and around the UK, and MP's in the UK Government including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland they're all fully aware of the massive problem with synthetic mesh medical devices and they must ensure these rotten disgusting mesh products if possible are removed from the market or completely fazed out, we hope Justice is seen for the mesh-injured and the multi-disciplinary teams are available around the UK plus all the mesh-injured have their health returned.

After seven years of working hard as an unpaid volunteer it's time for me to rest now, I hope with all my heart the 'Professionals' mentioned above will do the right thing and take action on everything including the recommendations specified in the NHS England Interim Report dated 3 December 2015, to see all the latest news please visit this link www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/NHS-England-Patient-Public-Voice-Members.html.

The Petition - Unfortunately the petition has a techincal glitch on the bottom of the page where it should show more signatures, I've contacted the technical team on the Care2 website, their last email dated 11 October mentions and I quote - 'We are looking into this and should have that repaired very soon. This was started in 2011 and the format had since changed, so there appears to be some sort of technical disconnect on there. We'll get it up and running asap.' In the meantime - The TVT Mum petition will always be on-going to show peoples signatures and comments. To view and sign the online petition please visit the link below: www.thepetitionsite.com/en-gb/1/an-urgent-review-is-required-on-the-medical-devices-tvt-tvto-tot-and-the-use-of-mesh-graft-for/

If any important news arrives in I'll be sure to post it on the website, a massive thank you to everyone for all your support to the cause. Lorraine - Founder of TVT Messed up mesh (TVT Mum)

Date: 11 August 2016
NHS England Mesh Oversight Meeting held on 19 July 2016
The oversight group was formed to review the NHS England Mesh Working Group Interim Report published on the NHS England website.
To access the Report, click on the link below:

Confirming the minutes of the meeting received from the Oversight Group.
The meeting objective
The chair stated that our purpose is to close the knowledge gap and improve patient outcomes. Another main objective is to ensure that lead organisations hold each other to account in delivering actions and making progress on the recommendations listed in the MESH interim report. The Chair suggested the group meet more frequently initially to ensure that we maintain focus on implementing recommendations. Next meeting to be held on 19th October 2016

To view the Patient and Public Voice representatives patient group work please view the link below: www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/NHS-England-Patient-Public-Voice-Members.html

Thank you to all patient groups and NHS England for your continued work, care and support to the cause.

Revised Date: 14 June 2016
We have worked extremely hard since May 2009, and after 7 years giving advice, help and support and plus all the awareness work associated with the use of synthetic mesh implants a decision has been made with the trustees to close the registered charity status. In the future the website will always be open for useful information and the petition will remain ongoing plus the message board will stay open for registered members, it is with great sadness and regret new memberships are no longer accepted.

Date: 15 December 2015
Three webpages updated today:
Fundraising Events
TVT Mum Member Kimberley Vallis
My name is Kimberley Vallis, a 30 year old woman from Yate, South Glos. TVT Messed up Mesh is a charity for Meshie's like me offering support, but don't get a lot of financial support themselves. Hoping to help!
To view more on Kimberley's fundraising event please visit the link below:

About your Donations
Where does the donation money go within the charity? We don't receive any personal income from donations all the money goes straight to the running costs for the charity and everything we do is unpaid voluntary work. Please see below the areas where your donation is helping the cause:

How to Make a Donation
There are five options available to make a donation to our cause. Please visit the link below to view all options:

Date: 3 December 2015
NHS England Mesh Working Group
The Mesh Working Group Interim Report has now been published on the NHS England website.
To access the Report, click on the link below:

PPV Representatives
The Voices Today on Messed up Mesh (TVT Mum ) - Lorraine Evans and Hayley Martin are Patient and Public Voice (PPV) Representatives for NHS England Mesh Working Group. To view all the meeting dates, messages and more please visit the link below:

Message from NHS England Mesh Working Group
'Thank you all once again for your hard work and support of this process that has allowed us to reach the point of making these interim recommendations.'

Next Stage for NHS England Working Group
There's still much work to be done - We have put forward more questions. This is a response snippet from NHS England - 'Many of these points will be addressed in the implementation work that will follow these initial recommendations and it's up to us all to shape how that happens. We're near the beginning of that process really, so there will be questions that are not answered by the report itself.'

Date: 2 December 2015
Important news arriving in tomorrow from NHS England, in the meantime please share this webcast with everyone, many thanks.
AUA Annual Meeting
May 2015
New Orleans
Debate: Surgery for Stress Incontinence - With vs. Without Mesh
Dr Raz says we should not use mesh for incontinence:

Date: 2 December 2015
Clinical Opinion
General Gynecology
Please read this PDF document:
The perils of commercially driven surgical innovation

Date: 2 December 2015
Biomed Research International
Implants in Urogynecology
Dated: 2015
Please read the PDF below:
BioMed Research International

Date: 24 November 2015
Years of campaigning since 2009 - It's so good to read at last our voices are being heard on the harm and complications associated with synthetic mesh medical devices.

Information on the Birmingham Prostate Clinic:
Stress Incontinence Surgery Options for Female Stress Incontinence

There has recently been a lot of debate about the safety and durability of TVT mesh slings, widely used to treat women with stress incontinence.

We have are one of a small number of specialist centres with particular expertise in the pubovaginal sling with autograft. This means creating a sling using your own tissue (taken from your stomach area), rather than using synthetic TVT tape, which has a high complications rate.

The pubovaginal sling, using your own tissue, is a more complex procedure for the surgeon to undertake, but offers better durability which means it is more likely to work effectively and less likely to break down and cause serious complications.

There are several good, safe surgical treatments for female stress incontinence. We explain what they are and how they work in more detail below.

Please click on the link below to read more information:

Date: 24 November 2015
Please read about alternative treatments for stress urinary incontinence and for Pelvic Organ Prolapse on the link below:

Date: 1st November 2015
Please view the latest news with 10 new items for November as below:

1. Message from Lorraine Evans
Sometimes we hear from the mesh-injured community TVT Mum is very quiet. Wow, since 2008 we have been very active in our campaign and support work, if only people knew the amount of sheer hard work involved in running the website. There's a lot of work going on behind the scenes every single day. It's very hard work keeping up with everything including all the work with NHS England, updating the website plus administration and maintenance for the message board, supporting and giving advice via telephone and by email. It's very difficult work especially as the volunteers are mesh-injured themselves coping with daily family life too. Thank you for all your patience and understanding whilst we try and catch up with things for the website.

We're all going through life with a heavy load in different ways with the same emotions and then sometimes after reading the press and watching the daily news I look at how some people are living and it's an eye opener to see what they are facing around the World. My wish is for people to show empathy to everyone because often we don't know what that person is going through in their daily life.

2. Online Petition
A big massive thank you to everyone who has signed and shared their mesh experience on the TVT Mum Petition. NHS England are fully aware of the petition and view it regularly it will always remain online until we're fully satisfied NHS England have listened and will take the necessary action concerning synthetic meshes.

To sign the petition please click on the link below:
Urgent Review on TVT, TVT-Secur, TVTO & TOT Medical Devices

3. NHS England Mesh Working Group

Lorraine in London February 2015

To view all updates and latest news from July 2014 to October 2015 please click on the link below:

4. Important Notice Concerning Secure Law Solicitors
We don't usually get involved in legal matters but we thought it necessary to let all the mesh injured know if any ladies who are currently litigating claims with Secure Law Ltd and who have been advised that their claims are being transferred to Lime and who are unhappy about this, to contact us if possible before the 5th November 2015 and soon after this date.

Please use the online contact us form and input your contact details and where the box has 'Other Information' please input - Regarding Secure Law Solicitors and then we'll reply within 24 hours.

Contact Form www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/tvt-mum-membership-form.html

Alternatively you can contact us by telephone:
Contact: Lorraine Evans - Founder and Chair to Trustees
Mobile: 07754 499280 - After 2pm
Contact: Hayley Martin - MBACP FdA Vice Chair and Counsellor/Psychotherapist
Mobile: 07963 693394

To view Profiles please visit the link below:

5. Worldwide Registers - Reporting Adverse Incidents for Medical Devices
mhra logo

Important Message for everyone in the United Kingdom
Please can everyone injured by a synthetic mesh implant report it to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) this will help us enormously to show the MHRA and the NHS there's serious concerns with synthetic meshes. You don't need your medical device details to submit an adverse incident report although it's helpful to have this information. Please view all the details as below on how to obtain your medical records and how to submit your adverse incident report, thank you.

6. Support Group Meetings UK
The last support group meeting was held in October 2014 although we have had a few local meetings throughout the year 2015. If you would like to organize a meet-up please contact us and we'll see if we can arrange this for you.
To view some our meetings please click on the link below:

7. Need more help, advice and information?
Please consider joining the mesh-injured community on the message board. To register please use the online form link as below:

When you have recieved your username and password please login to the message board link as below:

8. Updated Clinicians Webpage
Clinicians www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/clinicians.html

9. More Work for the Website
Due to the sheer volume of work coming in there's only so much time to get all the work completed for the website, thank you for your patience and understanding. Currently working on the following webpages and hoping to complete end of November 2015:
Daily Thoughts by Lorraine Evans www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/daily-thoughts.html
Press for the UK www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/press-uk.html
The History of TVT Messed up Mesh (TVT Mum) www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/the-history-of-tvt-mum.html
Petition to be updated www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/petitions.html
Website Sitemap www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/website-sitemap.html

10. Hernia Mesh Community UK
We have quite a few enquires from people injured by hernia mesh. Recently one person has mentioned he is willing to be a contact for everyone with hernia mesh complications. If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us via email: enquiries@tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk

11. There's one more piece of news! We're awaiting confirmation before uploading to the website.

It's really worth reading the latest news from the archives to see how much awareness work has been carried out in the UK and throughout the World.

Please click to view each Year
From 2009 to 2014
January - December 2014 >>>
January - December 2013 >>>
April - December 2012 >>>
January to arch 2012 >>>
January - December 2011 >>>
January - December 2010 >>>
January - December 2009 >>>

Date:20th April 2015
Anyone can participate in the Public Consultation on Specialised Services - Policy and Specification Consultation.
Date Closes: 30 April 2015
Area E (Women & Children - Women and children’s health, congenital and inherited disease); to include:
Service Specification on Recurrent Urinary Incontinence - PDF format:
www.engage.england.nhs.uk/consultation/specialised-services-policies/user_uploads/recurnt-inctnce-serv-spec.pdf for review
Service Specification for Recurrent Prolapse including laparoscopic surgery – PDF format:
www.engage.england.nhs.uk/consultation/specialised-services-policies/user_uploads/recur-prolps-serv-spec.pdf for review
More information please view Area E on the Direct link below:

Date:20th April 2015
New Webpage:
The History of TVT Messed up Mesh (TVT MUM) Year 2008 to 2015


Date:9th April 2015
The One Show BBC Wales
I’m a researcher for BBC One’s The One Show and am currently looking into the possibility of filming a short item for the show which would explore the concerns regarding tape and mesh implants.
Please click here for more information >>>

Date:9th April 2015
April 2015 Newsletter
What's been happening in the United Kingdom?
Please press here to view the April Newsletter >>>

Date:9th April 2015
More updates will arrive shortly plus an article by a Solicitor concerning adverse incident reports with a link will appear here soon, thank you for your patience.

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