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Help and support to both men and woman who have had the medical device TVT Retropubic, TVT-Secur, TVTO and TOT, synthetic polypropylene mesh for hernias, prolapse, stress incontinence and bladder and bowel disorders. You're not alone!

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Date: 5th May 2013

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The Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Prime Minister - 10 Downing Street, London
Andrew Lansley CBE MP Member of Parliament Secretary of State for Health

Document: Urgent Review on TVT, TVT-Secur,TVTO & TOT Medical Devices and Flat Surgical Mesh used for Prolapse and Hernias
Dated: 12th January 2012
By Lorraine Evans
The document is in PDF format to download please click on this link to view:
Urgent-Review-on-TVT-TVT-Secur-TVTO-and-TOT-Medical-Devices.pdf >>>

Timeline of Events since 2008( I will update this webpage soon)
www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/timeline-of-events-2012.html >>>

Mesh Products and Manufacturers
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10 Downing Street
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29th September 2012
New Webpage:
Surgical Mesh Listings, The Manufacturers and updates on Worldwide Mesh Litigation

To read more please click on the link below:

Date: September 2012
News from the USA
Transvaginal Mesh Litigation Update

The transvaginal mesh (TVM) litigation is moving forward and bellwether trials have been scheduled. Currently the bellweather trials for the four primary TVM manufacturers are as follows:

Ethicon: January 2013
C.R. Bard: March 2013 and June 2013
Boston Scientific: later in 2013
American Medical Systems (AMS): later in 2013

While these are the four largest TVM manufacturers, there are many others that are also the subject of litigation. These include, but are not limited to:

Caldera Medical Inc.
Caldera Mesh
Ascend Blue Mesh AC
Desara Mesh Sling
Ugytex Mesh/Pelvitex Polypropylene Mesh
Parietex Surgical Meshes
Parietex Optimized Composite Mesh & Parietex Optimized Composite Mesh (PCO-OSX References)
Parietene Duo and Quadra Polypropylene Meshes
Ugytex Sual Knit Mesh
Coloplast A/S
Restorelle Polypropylene Mesh
Mentor Novasilk
Aris Transobturator Sling
Mpathy Medical Devices, Inc.
Restorelle Polypropylene Mesh
Minimesh Polypropylene Mesh
Marketing Solutions Inc.
iPelvimesh/Hermesh 7
Prosburg, Inc.
Minisling Adjustable Polymer Sling & Surgical Mesh with Self-Anchoring System
Zippere - Bioabsorbable/Non-Absorbable Polymer Sling & Surgical Mesh
Tepha, Inc.
Tephaflex Surgical Mesh
Kensey Nash Corp.
Bioblanket Surgical Mesh
Proxy Biomedical, Ltd.
Polyform Synthetic Mesh
Herniamesh T-Sling
Injectx, Inc.
Biosling - Bioabsorbable Polymer Sling & Surgical Mesh
Cousin Biotech S.A.R.L.
p1 and Biomesh Plug and Patch

Source: Topix posting number 3840:

27th July 2012
Johnson & Johnson Executives Ordered to Testify in Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits
A New Jersey Superior Court judge has ruled that three top Johnson & Johnson executives must testify in the transvaginal mesh lawsuits pending before the court. The Hon. Carol Higbee, who is presiding over more than 1,000 mesh cases in a consolidated litigation, said this month that J & J Chief Executive Officer Alex Gorsky, former J & J Vice Chairman Sheri McCoy, and Ethicon franchise leader Gary Pruden must give depositions that will be videotaped about their roles in the production of the dangerous mesh. Former Johnson & Johnson Chief Executive Officer Bill Weldon also will be deposed if documents are uncovered that link him to knowledge of the defective implants. To read the full article please visit the link below:
www.drugwatch.com/2012/07/26/johnson-johnson-executives-ordered-to-testify-in-transvaginal-mesh-lawsuits/ >>>

24th July 2012
The Bakersville California
Bakersfield woman wins $5.5 million in first of trials related to medical device

BY COURTENAY EDELHART Californian staff writer
In the first of hundreds of such cases poised to go to trial nationwide, a Bakersfield woman has won a $5.5 million judgment against a medical device manufacturer after an implant left her incontinent, in chronic pain and unable to have intercourse.
To read more please click on this direct link:
http://www.bakersfieldcalifornian.com/health/x475201431/Bakersfield-woman-wins-5-5-million-in-first-of-trials-related-to-medical-device >>>

5th June 2012
J&J Tells Judge It Will Stop Sales of Vaginal Implants
By Alex Nussbaum and Jef Feeley on June 05, 2012
Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon unit told a federal judge in West Virginia it intends to stop selling four vaginal mesh implants after being sued by more than 600 women who say the products caused internal injuries.
To read more on this article please click on the link below:
www.businessweek.com/news/2012-06-04/j-and-j-tells-judge-it-will-stop-selling-vaginal-mesh-implant >>>

NEW Bard Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits To Be Selected For Early Trial Dates
USA Published: 19th January 2012

The judge presiding over all federal Bard Avaulta vaginal mesh lawsuits has asked the parties to develop a list of potential bellwether cases, which would be prepared for early trial dates in the multidistrict litigation (MDL).

In September, an FDA advisory panel was convened to review the potential health risks with vaginal mesh products. At the panel hearing, a majority of surgical mesh manufacturers joined together to create a “Transvaginal Mesh Working Group”, making a joint presentation to the committee and presenting a unified voice and position at the hearing.

Earlier this month, the FDA mailed a letter to several device makers calling for more post-marketing studies into the rate of complications with vaginal mesh systems, which many believe is the beginning of tighter regulations aimed at protecting women from these serious and debilitating problems.
To read more please visit this external link www.aboutlawsuits.com/bard-avaulta-mesh-lawsuits-trial-23771/ >>>

21st December 2011
Truth in Medicine applauds Senators Standing Up for Patients
Congratulations to Senator Herbert Kohl, Senator Richard Blumenthal and Senator Chuck Grassley for their bi-partisan Medical Device Patient Safety Act.
To read more please click on this link www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/truth-in-medicine.html >>>

Date: 13th December 2011
Motion Filed to Centralize Vaginal Mesh Litigation in West Virginia
A growing number of women throughout the United States are pursing product liability lawsuits against various medical device manufacturers as a result of problems with transvaginal bladder mesh systems, which have been linked to reports of infection, vaginal erosion, pelvic pain and other complications. Some plaintiffs are now calling for the vaginal mesh litigation pending against four different companies to be centralized before one judge in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia. Please read more on this external link www.aboutlawsuits.com/centralize-vaginal-mesh-litigation-23011/ >>>

Date: 11th November 2011
NEW Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits Scheduled for Trial in N.J. Ethicon/Gynecare Litigation
USA Published: November 11th, 2011
The first Ethicon Gynecare pelvic mesh lawsuits are scheduled to go before a jury near the end of next year in New Jersey state court.
Judge Carol E. Higbee, who is overseeing the consolidated Ethicon vaginal mesh lawsuits in New Jersey Superior Court, has scheduled the first of a number of Ethicon Gynecare test cases, known as bellwether trials, to begin in November 2012.
Preliminary discovery for cases being prepared for early trial dates is to be completed by March 30, and expert witnesses are to be deposed by October 5, according to a scheduling order Judge Higbee issued on October 28. To read more please click on this external link www.aboutlawsuits.com/vaginal-mesh-lawsuits-scheduled-trial-ethicon-22485/ >>>

Date: 30th May 2011
Breaking news: From the Liverpool Echo Newspaper:
Liverpool Women’s NHS Trust admits half of botched bladder operation claims
www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/liverpool-news/local-news/2011/05/30/liverpool-women-s-nhs-trust-admits-half-of-botched-bladder-operation-claims-100252-28786965/ >>>

5 February 2011
Vaginal Mesh Surgery Complication Risk High, Despite Effectiveness: Study
The use of vaginal mesh to treat pelvic organ prolapse is effective, but does carry a high risk of serious complications, such as bladder perforation and pelvic hemorrhage, according to the findings of a new study.
Please click to read more >>>

3rd February 2011
Bard Avaulta Mesh Lawyers Appointed to Leadership Roles in MDL
Source: www.aboutlawsuits.com/bard-avaulta-mesh-lawyers-appointed-15999/

22nd March 2010
Blunder surgeon in £10m lawsuit; patients take him to court.
(this figure has substantially increased since the article was published 22 March 2010) www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1259229/Dozens-women-claim-10m-surgeon-George-Rowland-botched-bladder-operations.html >>>

View more Lawsuits on this link >>>www.aboutlawsuits.com/topics/surgical-mesh/

More lawsuits are ongoing I will update shortly, thank you for your patience.

Articles by Lorraine Evans
Date: 23rd January 2011
Article: Serious Concerns with our Surgeons in the UK and the Lax Support from the Governing Bodies NICE and the MHRA
An urgent review is required on the medical devices TVT, TVTO, TOT and the use of mesh graft for hernia repair surgery plus the Governing Bodies NICE and the MHRA who regulate these medical devices.
To read full article: www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/pdfs/serious_concerns.pdf >>>
To read more articles by Lorraine: www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/articles-tvt-mum.html >>>

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Little steps makes great progress!
Latest Update from the MHRA

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency Expands
28 March 2013
www.mhra.gov.uk/NewsCentre/CON254872 >>>

Our website does NOT profit or have any financial interest with solicitors in the UK and worldwide. All the information provided has been given free and is here purely to help you make your own decision on who to choose as your solicitor in the UK.

Lorraine and Hayley are not paid or legal representatives plus we are not paid or referral consultants. We do not give legal advice to anyone. All our meetings with any solicitor in the UK are personal and paid for at our own expense and time, it gives us an opportunity to air our concerns as a support group and to discuss items that we feel should be addressed etc.

The awareness campaign work is totally separate from the support group no information on any of our members is ever disclosed to third parties including the MHRA, the Solicitors, Medical Professionals and any other entity. We fully respect data and always keep it private and confidential.

I firmly believe the truth can never be hidden it always surfaces at the right time.
by Lorraine Evans

A big Thank you to everyone for helping to get the word out and for your continued support!

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