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What are the symptoms of mesh tape erosion from TVT medical devices?

Updated 22 May 2011

I often get asked what are the symptoms for mesh tape erosion so I have decided to publish this information onto the website to help people understand this is a common problem. The following information has been researched from medical expert papers and from people's own experiences with TVT's and mesh surgeries

Unless you have experienced mesh erosion you would never know it is happening to you. Try and find symptoms for mesh rejection or mesh erosion, the only places you will find the information is from support groups who are suffering from it, there does not appear to be anything in the medical literature on symptoms only how to deal with the problem of erosion, makes you wonder why doesn't it. This is why you will see alot of active support groups sharing their health issues and how they discovered mesh erosion.

Personally I believe once this mesh starts to reject it is causing so many other health issues ie: Diabetes, MG, Fibromyalgia, ME, Lupus and constant festering sores/boils and more! Please read this webpage showing on our website Mesh Related Complications >>> I firmly believe our immune systems have been badly affected due to the toxins within the make-up of the 'mesh' some of these toxins should never be allowed inside the body and unfortunately the medical world refuse to believe it all came about from mesh. Please read showing on our website - mesh surgery what is it? >>> it may give you an answer as to why they don't believe!

Once this stuff 'mesh' starts to cause health problems ie: mesh erosion, rejection, you will have to face multiple surgeries to get it out or face a full mesh removal, the extent of the surgical procedure to get this mesh out of your body depends on the length of time it has been in.

As you can see and read there is alot more to this than meets the eye as you read through the website on everything to do with surgical mesh. Some common questions we get asked are showing below.

Question: What symptoms would I be getting if the tvt tape had eroded into my urethra/bladder please?
Unfortunately there are no reports to show symptoms only through our own experiences we discovered mesh erosion, unless you know what you are looking for the mesh tape erosion will be unknown to the host. The symptoms we have experienced are - constant infections, clear slimy discharge, bleeding, pain in the lower back and buttocks, internal and external abscess and itching. Another symptom on mesh erosion is the dragging feeling, as if something is stuck like a large tampon and feels very abrasive, the medical world seems to use the term - a cheese grater! nice to know our tissue flesh is trapped within the mesh, very messy indeed. Other symptoms to look for is the fact it is very difficult to sit and walk and also very uncomfortable. You will notice painful intimacy too! yep alot of marriages and partner relationships are ruined.

The only way to see the mesh tape has eroded is through a hand internal inspection advisable first from your GP and then to be referred back to your consultant, CT Scan which has to be correctly read please view here the PDF on Radiologtic appearance of mesh on ultrasound www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/pdfs/radiologtic-appearance-of-mesh-on-ultrasound-CT-scan.pdf >>> and Cystoscopy.

Question: How common is this or does it generally erode into the vagina?
Unfortunatley very common however, there has been a serious under-reporting on statistics. It can erode anywhere in the bladder, the uretha, bowel and vagina wall plus it breaks off and migrates into the surrounding tissues although no one really knows where it goes. Remember and this is fact it can erode from day one up to seven years or more years later.

Question: why does erosion occur?
Because it is not inert in the human body, please read the recent expert article uploaded on the 5th April 2011, please visit here to read Polypropylene is not inert in the human body www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/pdfs/polypropylene-is-not-inert-in-the-human-body.pdf >>> There is currently an investigation and loads of research is happening behind the scenes to bring the truth surrounding mesh tapes.

Another consideration on mesh tape - This is a permanent implant, the mesh tape will embed into your tissues like velcro, if you start to have erosion it will take multiple surgeries to get it out, imagine chewing gum stuck in your hair this is exactly what it does! it is rare to have the full mesh tape removed, it has been known and will take up to a year to recover plus you will have permanent damage to the nerves and severe scarring in your tissues it is a very serious and complicated surgery. Most people opt for partial removals and will relieve the discomfort. Advisable to check the surgeon is an expert in this procedure.

To keep this website going has involved a tremendous amount of work and it still is a work in progress, please understand my health only allows me to do a bit each day.

This is just a small fraction from our own research, there is so much evidence about these medical devices to back up our findings to show you they are completely unsafe products to use.

Talk about casting pearls, trust me I have had to chuck a few to try and wake people up to see what is going on with these medical devices

What is the governing bodies Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) doing about it? Try asking them yourself and see what response you get, in our own experience with communications with the governing bodies they are doing absolutely nothing about it.

I will upload more soon, advisable to bookmark this webpage. Thank you for your patience.

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You will see and hear from people who decided not to go ahead with surgery after reading our website. They have been saved from harm!

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