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TVT 'Complexity'

Date: 7th June 2011

Here I present a small insight as to why they (the medical world) call us 'complex' cases.

Over the years I have heard from people who are experiencing problems when they visit A&E unfortunately they don't have a clue as to what is going on and sometimes they don't even know what TVT means. As you can imagine it is very upsetting especially when we are in such pain, flooding with blood and have constant infections, more often than not they tell us we are 'complex'. When I first heard this word I thought what the heck is going on, why don't they recognise these TVT medical devices?

The TVT complexity is not only with the surgery itself to implant and remove the mesh but it is also the health issues including the mesh problems and the development of other health problems since this medical device was implanted.

After hearing from other women who say the same as me who are being told they are complex, it got me thinking why? Now I know why, it's because after doing my research and weighing up what is going on with meshes, when people (men and women) discover there is a problem with their medical device to get any treatment is absolutely dire, especially finding an expert surgeon in mesh related complications, plus we are finding our original surgeon often refers their patient onto another surgeon, plus when there are mesh problems present and we do need treatment it all depends on the length of time the mesh has been inside the body.

Ah now I can see the picture on why they are calling us 'complex' the reason is begining to emerge.

Mesh Erosion/Extrusion: Caught Early
Full and Partial Mesh Removal

A person who starts to have problems within a couple of weeks or months later can have a possible full mesh removal or the surgeon may advise a partial removal to alleviate the discomfort and to stop further infections, abscesses and other problems, although it depends on the patients medical history.

A full mesh removal is possible because the mesh has not had time to fully embed into the tissues, but obviously it depends on other factors including any infections present to proceed. This is still a serious surgical procedure especially if you have had a TVT mesh that has been blindly inserted through your tissues, yes you heard right blindly! After removal it will still leave you with alot of tissue scarring and possible premanent nerve damage. You can expect a good recovery.

Mesh Erosion/Extrusion: Years Later
Full and Partial Mesh Removal

For some-one who has had the mesh in for years and I have heard they are removing meshes from women who have had it in for up to 9 years later is an extremely delicate and serious procedure as the mesh has fully embedded into your tissues and this will entail an enormous amount of surgical skills to get it out. This is why it is so important to find a surgeon who is an expert in mesh related complications, do not go to a surgeon who has never done a full mesh removal before you don't want the risk of guess work and making your health even worse.

There is one lady in our group who has had a full mesh removal and it took 8 hours to get it all out, although I would be reluctant to believe it when they say they have got it fully out especially when you consider during the years the mesh breaks off and migrates into the surrounding tissues, although they cannot say where it goes for sure. As you can imagine the recovery time for such a serious procedure is going to take at least a year to recover and you will have permanent tissue and nerve damage.

There are many women who have had to face multiple surgeries over the years to get the mesh out a bit at a time until eventually they are offered a full mesh removal, although it all depends on the patients medical history, preference on surgeons advice, and the delicate surgical procedure. As you can imagine once this mesh has fully embedded into your tissues it is like having chewing gum stuck in your hair! you can read what meshes do to the body by visiting the links located to the right of the website.

7th June 2011
Important issue with a full mesh removal

If you decide you want a full tape removal please make sure your surgeons are competent in reconstruction because if your tape is too firmly embedded, they will have open your urethra to excise it and reconstruct it at the same time. This is a very complex operation. It has to be undertaken by somebody who is experienced in all aspects of the female lower urinary tract operations and reconstruction. If they can't reconstruct, you will be left in a mess because they won't be able to get the tape out.

I would have loved to have a full tape removal but as my mesh is too embedded in my tissues this is not possible for me. My surgeon tried to remove my tape laparoscopically but the tape was embedded in my urethra both inferiorly and in the lateral side walls. To try to remove it by laparoscope was impossible therefore he had to take a surgical approach, the tape has been in for 8 years. Sorry if I am complicating things for you but I think its very important you choose your surgeon carefully, If your surgeon can't reconstruct then I personally would'nt go ahead.
Good sound advice sent to us from a TVT Member Ann, well done for bringing this to everyone's notice.

Mesh Erosion/Extrusion: High Risk
Partial Mesh Removal

Then there are those who can never have a full mesh removal due to the patients medical history with other health issues and have to wait until the problem presents itself. We have no choice but to face multiple partial mesh removal surgeries over time, not nice to live on an edge every day thinking when is the next one.

Some people right from the start of implantation had mesh problems either from the medical device or from the actual surgical procedure. I had a pulmonary embolis and a collapsed lung the morning after surgery, constant flooding of blood, constant infections, another lady developed scepticemia, some have had their bladder and bowel preforated and during the coming years some women have even reported mesh breaking off and attaching to the pelvic bone.

Also after having this surgical procedure for a TVT there is the development of other health issues like Diabetes, Myasthenia Gravis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, to see a full list of complications please visit here www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/important-issues.html Is it any wonder they call us complex?

These TVT's and meshes not only affect our health but our quality of life to the extent where I have heard people have lost their homes, careers, marriages, relationships, causing disablement, our children have lost out, friends and family, the list goes on and on and all through one piece of mesh. The surgeons have been far too quick to put the meshes inside us, we were not given an informed choice on other alternative treatments to which there are many, and most of the time surgical intervention is completely unnecessary.

You will have to read the whole website to get a better understanding plus do your own research to find out what is truely going on with these TVT's and mesh surgeries.

No wonder they call us 'complex' besides the length of time the mesh has been in the body and the surgical procedure to remove the mesh, it also involves the other developed health issues since the TVT surgery and another factor there are not enough surgeons in the UK to deal with mesh complications. Most of us have had to travel hundred of miles to get a private consultation costing some of us thousands of pounds, this is financial ruin for many.

Unbelievable the NHS and the governing body MHRA who regulates medical devices who are supposed to ensure we are safe, have allowed this dispicable product on the market.

Following are valid points

Everyone's medical case is different, for someone who has has the mesh in early enough to get it removed is completely different to someone who has had the mesh in for years. Please ensure you visit an expert surgeon to remove the mesh as it really does depend on the length of time the mesh has been inside your body.

Balancing life with mesh problems and with our other health issues is not easy. Now you know why they call us 'Complex'

As time goes by there will be more to add to this webpage.

Advisable to read all the links located to the right of the website to have a more understanding on these mesh kits flooding the market and the problems that come with them causing serious health problems to many people around the UK and Worldwide.

Please read the FAQ's:
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You will see and hear from people who decided not to go ahead with surgery after reading our website. They have been saved from harm!

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