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The Medical Terminology 'TVT'

Update: 10th November 2011

tvt terminology

Confusion on the medical Device 'TVT' terminology

Medical Term: TVT = TransVaginal Tape (Big sling the Gold Standard)
Medical Term: TVT = TransVaginal Tension Free Tape
Medical Term: TVT-Secur = TransVaginal Tape (mini Sling)
Medical Term: TVM = TransVaginal Mesh
Medical Term: TVT-O = Trans-Vaginal Obturator Tape
Medical Term: TOT = TransObturtor Tape

Which is it - TVT, TVM, TOT, TVT-Secur, TVT-O, Slings, Mesh?

To understand a bit more you can visit here www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/tvt-tvto-tot-medical-devices.html >>>

When I first started out researching these TVT medical devices and mesh products I was totally and absolutely confused, I noticed the only TVT picture on the internet was the TVT-secure Mini Sling like this picture tvt secur minisling which looks like a small TVT medical device and I know for a fact many did and still do think this is what the TVT looks like, far from it my friends.

After extensive research I discovered there are approx 30 different 'mesh kits' flooding the market these are the ones we know of to date, however, there could be more and this is another serious concern to everyone and needs a thorough investigation now you can begin to understand how Medical Marketing has over-taking Medical Science.

Our Medical Advisor recently quoted to me:

'The problems with vaginal meshes is just as serious as the hip and cardiac devices but it has not received the same publicity'.

'MHRA has been severely criticised for doing very little and the commercial activities of the companies involved have been a disgrace'.

Note how our medical expert has respected the fact these TVT Tape's should be known as 'Vaginal Meshes' and not 'Vaginal Tapes' as seen by the MHRA Medical and Healthcare Regulary Agency who should know better (the MHRA call it Vaginal tape due to the shape but this is only on some of these medical devices), it is a total mis-description to call it a 'tape' considering some TVT's have different shapes but all have the same material 'mesh', hence the reason why these TVT's should be called Mesh kit or Mesh Tape depending on the device! although the full medical term should be told to the patient as Polypropylene (Prolene) Surgical Synthetic Mesh or Mesh Tape.

To learn more on mesh please read this PDF:By Donald R Ostergard MD Polypropylene is not inert in the Human Body >>>

Another abbreviation for TVT is TVM only used as far as I can see in France.

I personally feel the use of the word 'Tape' is very misleading and I know most in our support group feel the same. At our consultations we were told it is a kind and gentle piece of tape, holds up the urethra, it is very successful, minamilly invasive surgery, giving all the spill on how fantastic it is and if things go wrong it could easily be taken out. As we know this is far from the truth. Like I say to everyone it is the manufacturers who have confused us all by flooding the market with approx 30 different mesh kits, and we now know all these medical devices are NOT the same. I have listed a few on the website please ensure you find out which one you are offered or find out which one has been put inside your body.

What I have discovered here is just the tip of the iceberg the whole scenario with these mesh kits has become so confusing many surgeons who are putting them in do not even know what to do when things go wrong! these medical devices need an investigation and quick before more people are harmed and deceived.

The Term 'TVT' What it Means to our Support Group
www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/tvt-our-support-group.html >>>

Mesh Surgery what is it? www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/mesh-surgery-what-is-it.html >>>

Surgeons to help you with Mesh Related Complications www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/mesh-complications-recommended-surgeons.html red arrow

You will see and hear from people who decided not to go ahead with surgery after reading our website. They have been saved from harm!

For more information on our petition please visit here www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/petitions.html >>>

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