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TVT Mum in Focus

DATE 10 MAY 2010

It is a Matter on Safety and Urgent Action

I feel sure most of the consultants and surgeons around the UK are trying their utmost to help all the people who have been harmed and experiencing complications from the polypropylene synthetic mesh used in medical devices. From what I understand it has hit them also dealing with it and I feel sure they can see also it is a growing serious health problem especially with the mesh erosion in as much as it has hit us who have been harmed from the mesh, although I have to add it has really caused life changing devastating health problems to all who are currently suffering.

The manufacturers really do owe us ALL an explanation to what is currently a serious health problem increasing every single day, they need to explain to all the Sufferers, the Consultants, the Surgeons, the Nurses, the Counsellors, the Governing Bodies NICE, MHRA, the NHS, and to all the other Organizations who have trusted them on words and not given us the true facts surrounding the complications that are happening from the polypropylene synthetic mesh, they may have said about the rare complications and included mesh erosion as being one, when in FACT mesh erosion is NOT a rare complication it is known the mesh will eventually reject and erode.

After extensive research which still continues and evaluating the whole scenario to this date regarding this serious situation I concluded they have tried to blind us all with COST instead of Patient Safety. They have actively concentrated on the words TVT Medical Device and also the names of other devices and have not given a full picture on the make-up of these products using Polypropylene Synthetic Mesh, we as sufferers have never heard that it is a piece of plastic with serrated edges that will embed and adhere to our tissues like velcro, we have never heard that if the mesh rejects it can never be fully taken out of our bodies, we were never told if the mesh rejects and erodes it will entail all of us to face multiple surgeries to get the eroding mesh out of us. When will it end? no one can tell us.

These manufacturers who are the Pharmaceutical Companies have tried and do bring out new specifications every single year to confuse and hide the truth on present and past medical devices that have failed and have harmed many around the UK and Worldwide, yes even to this date people who have had this surgery recently are still experiencing mesh erosion, it goes to show how the Pharamceutical Companies are still blinding us all. In fact they are blaming the surgeons for not putting the medical devices in properly, to an extent this is true on some surgeons through lack of experience thinking this is an easy operation, however, the TRUTH is in fact IT IS THE POLYPROPYLENE SYNTHETIC MESH that is the source of this growing health problem. They have not told the Medical Professionals the true facts this will happen, they too trusted on words.

There has been no mention on the actual source of the problem being the MESH used in them. The mesh is not supposed to be in the body it is a foreign object fighting to get out of all the people who are currently suffering. We have heard the mesh is breaking through the urethra, the bladder, the bowel, through the thigh in fact it migrates and travels to find an orifice to get out of our bodies. "Where are the experienced surgeons to deal with this? It is not fair to hear there are inexperienced surgeons implanting and performing mesh extraction and making matters worse for the patients. It looks like legalized genital mutilation and we are all fed up of being experimented on.

The manufacturers and medical world is failing us they have not provided long term evidence and no research is being carried out to show the true figures on the extent of suffering to many people today. They are still implanting these medical devices into people, hundreds possibly thousands more will be harmed as it is known the mesh will eventually erode anything from day one up to seven years later. We all have to stand together, I feel sure everyone involved will want an explanation on how they have got away with using this MESH for so long and to cause such suffering to us all and to use us as their experiments both for implanting and for extraction to gain PROFIT before Patient Safety.

I do hope in the near future all the medical devices using Polypropylene Synthetic Mesh will be pulled from the market to have a full investigation before anymore people are harmed. At this present time I last heard there are over 2 million who have had this Mesh implanted Worldwide and are now having to face the prospect of multiple surgeries to get the mesh out of them. Immediate Urgent Action is required in the UK and WORLDWIDE.

To all the Governing Bodies here in the UK and Worldwide who regulate these medical devices I want to say on behalf of all who are suffering "Please stop these manufacturers the Pharmaceutical Companies in their tracks and be compassionate to all who are currently suffering and also give the surgeons some relief who are desperately trying to treat us to get this eroding MESH out of us. PLEASE recall these medical devices immediately for a full investigation"

At this present time we do our own extensive research on this area as I was told from a Medical Professional and on good authority "the medical profession is actually very alert to surgical complications and sadly, investment in research into the area is not regarded as a priority by medical research funding bodies, which seriously hampers our ability to get a true handle on the situation".

By Lorraine Evans - Founder of TVT Mum

"Never in all my life has the sun shone so bright. My wits are normal and complacent to complete my journey through time forever."
By Lorraine Evans

For more information on our petition please visit here www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/petitions.html >>>

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