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Dated: 4 February 2011

This webpage has been requested from people who have had the TVT, TVTO, TVT-SECUR and TOT medical device and are confused as to which one has been implanted into their bodies.

tvt, tvt-o, tvt-secur, tot medical devices
tvt, tvt-o, tvt-secur, tot medical devices Over the years with so many different manufacturers pushing these medical devices onto the market we need to re-evalute the true picture. I am very concerned with the recent published article from the European Association of Urology dated 21 January 2011 - The exploratory Study Assessing Efficancy and Complications of TVT-O, TVT-Secur, and Mini-Arc: Results at 12 month follow-up. Why am I concerned? it does not show a 12 month follow up on the TVT Retropubic medical device, the older medical device which has been in use before the 1990's. Here is the pdf to show recent publication from the European Association of Urology eau article published 21 January 2011 >>>

They have tried to confuse us all on the word TVT most of us thought TVT is the same product throughout the years when in fact there are different products on the market. Please find below information on some of the medical devices currently on the market. Please scroll down the webpage to view them all

Medical Devices: Tension Free Vaginal Tape (TVT)
Gynecare Retropubic TVT (the gold standard)

Tension free vaginal tape procedures require the blind passage of needles through 2 small incisions (1 inch) in the abdomen wall just above the pubic bone. Size of Mesh 1.1 cm (1/2 inch) Wide x 40 cm (14 inches) The tape forms a U-shaped sling around the middle third of the urethra, with the tape lying flat against the posterior surface of the urethra.

Now read the Ethicon literature on the long term data, their long term data information is not true, how can they say no mesh erosion! there are thousands suffering with mesh erosion at this time from this medical device. The references they are using to support their information is from the 1990's! Ethicon Gynecare Retropubic TVT (blind passage surgery) Brochure >>> To view the small print references in a larger font please visit here Small print references >>>

Here is another glossy brochure with close up pictures on the plastic polypropylene synthetic mesh tapes Gynecare Retropubic TVT (blind passage), Gynecare TVTO, Gynecare TVT Secur (this is the mini tvt) and Blukamid The range of mesh tape products >>> To go direct to Ethicon Gynecare website to view these items from their website please visit here http://ewhu.co.uk/products/gynecare-tvt and http://ewhu.co.uk/products/gynecare-tvt/tech-det

tvt mesh sling

tvt mesh sling
tvt mesh sling

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Medical Device: Tension Free Vaginal Tape Obturator (TVT-O)

The TVT-O is passed through the obturator foramen and around the urethra the procedure still involves passing needles through the groin, 2 small incisions are made at the inside of the upper thigh thigh. The obturator tape lies in a "hammock" position 45 degrees away from the midline.

tvto mesh sling

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Medical Device: Trans-Obturator (TOT)

The TOT procedure involves passing needles through the groin to place the sling the procedure still involves passing needles through the groin, 2 small incisions are made at the inside of the upper thighThe obturator tape lies in a "hammock" position 45 degrees away from the midline.

Please view here for urgent appeal www.tvt-messed-up-mesh.org.uk/medical-device-transobturator-sling-tot.html >>>

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Medical Device: Mini-Sling Single incision (TVT Secur)

No incisions are needed in the groins or the abdomen and no needles are needed to pass through the abdomen or groins. 8 cm in length by 1 cm in width. slightly larger paraurethral and vaginal incisions (1.5 cm) must be made to accommodate the larger width of the device its edges are cut with a laser rather than a mechanical knife. placement either a “U” or “hammock”

tvt secur mini sling

tvt secur mini sling

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Medical Device: MiniArc (American Medical Systems, Minnetonka, MN)

MiniArc requires only a single, 1.5 cm vaginal incision The Miniarc has only one placement in the same fashion as the TVT Secur Hammock with the arms placed at a 45 degree angle off of the midline. However, desired placement is not into the obturator internus muscle, but just into the obturator membrane.

miniarc sling

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Research in progress on the following medical devices
IVS Tunneler
Obturator IVS

Please ensure you understand which TVT medical device has been implanted into you! All of these medical devices are made with Surgical Synthetic Polypropylene Mesh with few randomized controlled trials (RCT) exist comparing sling procedures with colposuspensions minimally invasive surgery does not imply minimum risk, over 1 million of these procedures have been completed worldwide

I will add more information as time goes by, so many on the market at this present time by different manufacturers using new spec names for the same products!

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