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Since the TVT and Mesh Surgery there are Unexplained Symptoms

Updated 23 June 2011

mesh unexplained This webpage has been requested by women. Unfortunately due to the lack of long term randomised control trials and very little research there is concern other mesh related symptoms are appearing without explaination from the doctors, consultants and surgeons. All the questions below have been submitted with the name and address to TVT Mum with permission to publish.

Has anyone experienced these type of spots?

The first one arrived on the right of my abdomen 2 months ago, festered and released a pus, sealed up after and antibiotic and second and third started up on the pelvic bone area again festering the one on the left went and the one on right stayed and festered away for weeks . I was offered a further two week course of antibiotics but declined as this only treats my symptoms and not what is causing it. They now come and go almost alternating in turn. I would appreciate if anyone has experienced the same could they let us know. I know they are not boils have had that before and they are quite different. Picture arriving shorty.

Anyone experiencing Vertigo Attacks?

I haven't been able to use the computer for months due to 5 vertigo attacks which unfortunately made it impossible to look at a computer screen which has also affected my hearing, I know have 2 hearing aids. I was wondering if anyone else has had dizzy spells/vertigo because I wasn't like this before I had this tape/mesh inserted. I feel as though my body has been poisoned with toxins from this mesh because I now have this vertigo and I also suffer with Fibromyalgia constant muscle pain which I did not have before this mesh tape was implanted.

Why are we having Weird Sensations?

1. I've often thought about the weird sensations i've had since having TVT mesh put in me. Does anyone get goosebumps/tingling down one side of their body?

I've had this on my left side ever since the TVT surgery...it's a weird feeling I often ask myself if the surgeons would agree to having mesh put in them if they had any hernias, or prolapse knowing what the consequences would be.

2. No it's not imagination. I get these feelings down the right hand side of my body. Strange is'nt it. I think its all to do with nerves being very sensitive but I may be wrong.

3. I have the same sort of weird feelings also on the left side it is not our imaginations.

4. You descibed the feelings that I am getting in the right hand side of my body perfectly. Sort of a flesh creeping feeling. I wonder if it's because we are feeling stressed?

5. Now this is so weird, you know what I am experiencing what you say too! the times I feel as if something is crawling on my head, face, hand, leg, I just brush if off and there is nothing there! what the heck is going on? I feel weird sensations down the left side of my body too.

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